Specialty Paving Products

In addition to the exceptional paving services we provide, we are the only licensed StreetPrint® and DuraTherm® installer in the Upper Connecticut River Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont.

StreetPrint decorative surfacingStreetPrint decorative surfacing StreetPrint® decorative surfacing is a process where regular asphalt pavement is imprinted with a pattern to resemble bricks, slate or cobblestones. After imprinting, the area is given a four-coat application of epoxy fortified color coating to give it a durable distinctive appearance.

StreetPrint® can be applied to almost any paved area.
StreetPrint decorative surfacingDriveways can be bordered with a soldier course brick pattern to just give a unique highlight that enhances the property. Sidewalks can be fully printed and colored to appear like brick paving but at a fraction of the cost and with the benefits of flexible and water-impervious asphalt. Entry areas to commercial establishments and drop-off areas at hotels and clubs are also ideal locations to add the distinctive look of StreetPrint®.

DuraTherm® is a highly durable thermoplastic material that is inlaid into the road surface.StreetPrint decorative surfacingThis decorative surfacing material is the latest addition to the Integrated Paving Concepts Line. Blaktop is the licensed applicator for DuraTherm®.

DuraTherm® is a highly durable thermoplastic material that is inlaid into the road surface.
It is designed for pedestrian crosswalk areas that have high traffic volumes and vehicle turning movements. It is highly reflective and will last as long as the pavement it is applied to. Distinctive appearance, variety of colors, long term durability, high visibility – these are the attributes of DuraTherm®.

GNR Traffic & Parking Safety Products
Blaktop has been chosen to be the regional distributor for GNR Technologies traffic and parking safety products produced from recycled rubber. For information and specifications on their line of parking bumpers and speed control bumps, visit www.gnrtech.com or contact our sales staff.

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“When the long time paving contractor we worked with retired, we were confronted with selecting a new paving contractor. As a licensed landscape architect working on some of the most exclusive residential properties in the region, and with clients that expect impeccable craftsmanship and service, we found that Blaktop met the standards and service required of such projects. The responsive quotes from Paul Karp, and the attention to detail for layout and implementation in the field, gives us confidence our clients will receive a product second to none.” Greg M. Grigsby, ALSA Senior Landscape Architect/Project Manager, Pellettieri Associates, Inc.